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All About Charcoal…And Why It’s Good For PMS Skin – Pink Parcel

If you’ve not noticed charcoal causing a big ol’ buzz in the beauty world, you must have been living under a rock (of charcoal) – it’s the new wonder-ingredient for your skin, hair and teeth due to its slew of health benefits.

But we’re not talking about the coals that you chuck on your summer BBQ, the black gloopy face masks filling up your instagram feed, are made with activated charcoal ­– or activated carbon as it’s otherwise known. Activated charcoal is when the charcoal has been processed to open its surface area, increasing its ability to trap chemicals and toxins and it’s long been used in hospitals to treat poisoning and overdoses. So why should you be adding it to your bathroom cabinet and how can it help when you’ve got your period? Read on.

For PMS skin

Fans of charcoal infused beauty products love the stuff for its ability to absorb toxins and bacteria. Charcoal acts as a magnet for dirt ­– drawing out nasties from the skin, de-plugging the pores and purifying the complexion. So when you’re dealing with a classic PMS breakout – oily skin, black heads and pimples – charcoal acts as a super-cleanser, working harder than your usual skin products Try a daily face wash, or treat yourself an ultra detoxifying mask when you’re due on your period.

For lacklustre hair

And it’s not just great for clarifying the skin. Using a non-abrasive charcoal shampoo on your hair can remove excess oil and a build-up of hair products, giving your locks and scalp a mega clean. The result? A shiny, healthier looking mane.

For stained teeth

You might be a fan of coffee, tea and red wine, but you’re probably not down with the marks they can leave on your teeth. Not cool. The stubborn stains that build up over time can’t always be shifted with regular toothpaste either, so enter charcoal. The latest charcoal-blend toothpastes promise to leave your teeth super-clean, or you can give them a deep scrub by mixing up your own slurry of activated charcoal powder and water. If you don’t want to actually brush your teeth with the mucky stuff (yep, it gets messy), get a toothbrush where the bristles are infused with charcoal. Clever.

For troubled tummies

Time-of-the-month bloat is the worst, so when you’re suffering, charcoal supplements can help by absorbing all that painful gas and toxins from your digestive system. If you don’t fancy popping a pill, slurp down an inky charcoal lemonade instead to settle your stomach. They’re the coolest cold-pressed drinks of the moment.

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